FileMaker Live FileMaker Training

FWB is a world-wide FileMaker User Group that caters to FileMaker users and developer… who do not have a good, local FileMaker User Group.

This user group meets every 2nd Thursday of the month (as a general rule).

The meetings will be streamed live, so you will need a good internet connection to attend.

This user group will have events for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. Some of the events will be broadcast live from FileMaker... at the DigFM monthly usergroup meeting.

Every month FWB consults with FileMaker Inc. management, to determine if DigFM (Santa Clara User Group) should be broadcast live to our hundreds of attendees. Sometime we determine that a single live broadcast for both usergroups is the way to go.

Other months, FileMaker Inc management may elect not to broadcast DigFM for a variety of reasons. When this happens, FWB will run our own user group meeting (without DigFM) from the studios… Just down the road from FileMaker’s HQ in Santa Clara, CA.

Either way… it should be fun and educational for all.

Upcoming FileMaker Usergroup Meetings

There are no seminars scheduled.