FileMaker 14 Video Training Course
for Mobile Devices

Learn the skills to build your own mobile apps with this 10 hour video training course featuring the world's most popular solution development platform. FileMaker is owned by Apple Inc, and features a powerful database engine with a very intuitive user interface, perfect for building mobile applications. Hit the ground running with this 10 hour training course. The videos span subjects from beginner to advanced topics, including conversations on developing and building your app for commercial distribution. Take advantage of our limited time offer: One time purchase of $39.99.

See complete list of topics covered during this training course


  • "What is FileMaker Go?" - Training Series Overview
  • "FM Go or Code Your Own App?" - Discussion of App Creation Process
  • Installation & Overview

  • "Installation & Requirements" - Basic Video Covering OS & Hardware
  • "Free FileMaker Resources" - Additional Free FileMaker Resources
  • "Database Install Part 1" - Database Install using iTunes/DropBox
  • "Database Install Part 2" - Database Install using Email
  • "Database Install Part 3" - Database Install using Webpage
  • "7 Min Brain Dump" - FM Go 13 General Overview
  • "Brain Dump: Changes" - New Features in FM Go 13
  • "Concurrency Licenses" - License Requirements with Server
  • Navigation

  • "iPad Navigation" - Navigate FM Go 13 on the iPad
  • "iPhone Navigation" - Navigate FM Go 13 on the iPhone
  • "Record Locking" - Add/Delete Records and Record Lock
  • "Data in Tables" - Best View Options for Your Solutions
  • "Finds, Sorts, Portals" - Largely the Same as in Pro
  • "Slide Controls" - Navigate Through Records
  • "Tab Controls" - New Gesture To Capture
  • Layouts for FileMaker Go

  • "Tuning Layouts" - Usability, Workflow, and Testing
  • "Tuning Layouts for Touch" - Optimizing Fields & Buttons
  • "Directed Workflow" - Control UI Flow
  • "Workflow Demos" - Purpose Built iOS Layouts
  • "Detect Device Type" - Using Scripts for Type
  • "Detect Network" - Using Scripts for Network
  • "Locking Zoom" - Prevent Layout Accidents
  • "Orientation" - Change Layouts
  • "Create New Layout" - Making Go Layouts in Pro
  • "Optimize Layouts/CSS Part 1" - Updating Layouts for 13
  • "Optimize Layouts/CSS Part 2" - Custom Themes/Shared Styles
  • "Optimize Layouts/CSS Part 3" - Shared Styles Tips
  • "Animation States" - Script Nav Between Panels
  • "Input Methods" - Containers & Field Input
  • "Custom Keyboards" - For Inputting Data
  • "Bar Code Camera" - How To Capture Bar Codes
  • "Camera & Signatures" - Harness Container Fields
  • "Data & Fonts" - iOS Restrictions

    Managing Digital Media

  • "Digital Media Support" - FileMaker Container Overview
  • "Container Fields" - Container Interaction Differences
  • "Remote Container" - Using Remote Containers
  • "Web Viewer - Remote" - Accessing Web with Layouts
  • "Web Viewer - Idiosyncrasies" - Limited Interaction
  • "Web Viewer - Benefits" - Streaming Video
  • "GoDraw" - Finger Scribbling in Go
  • Scripting & Syncing

  • "Unsupported Scripts" - Error 3 & Error 4
  • "GPS Location Functions" - Location & LocationValues
  • "URL Protocol" - How to Implement the URL Protocol
  • "Activating SASE from Go" - FileMaker Server Runs Scripts
  • Printing & Exporting

  • "Printing - Part 1" - Printing Using Printopia
  • "Printing - Part 2" - Extra Features in Printopia
  • "Emailing PDFs" - How to Create and Send PDFs
  • "Exporting & Emailing" - Send Your Records to Others
  • Sleep & Restore

  • "Overview" - Sleep & Restore Summary
  • "Technical - Part 1" - A Look at the Origin
  • "Technical - Part 2" - Benefits of Sleep/Restore
  • "Technical - Part 3" - When Should You Use Sleep/Restore
  • "Hands on Demo" - Real Case Demo of Sleep/Restore
  • Deployment Strategies

  • "Deployment Strategies" - Shared Versus Local
  • "Beaming Solutions" - Base64 Encode
  • "App Store Guidelines" - Develop Outside of FM Go
  • "Syncing - 3rd Party Tools" - A Look at GoZync
  • "Syncing - Import Command" - Local Data to Hosted Data
  • Conclusion

  • "Conclusion & Resources" - Continue Your FileMaker Training
  • "About the Author" - Richard Carlton & RCC

Learn to customize FMSP, write scripts, and understand FileMaker… It's a lot of learning to do, but this video course will take you there! If you want to learn how to customize FM Starting point, this is the definitive video training course from the creators of FM Starting Point.

On top of the excellent 10 hours of FileMaker Go Training videos, purchasers will receive tons of extra bonus itmes, including extra sample files, work files, and demo files! Purchasers are also welcome to attend special live training events to be held in the future!

Most FileMaker training doesn't cover important topics like email integration or barcode connectivity. This 10 hour course is divided up in 7-12 minute videos on separate topics, including subjects often skipped over in other courses. Working with 360Works Email Plug In, Security Concerns with FileMaker Server, learn how to keep someone from hacking a FileMaker File, and the proper way to setup your FileMaker server.

One of the main goals of the training is to not only teach you about FileMaker Go but also teach you the skills to keep yourself out of trouble. I tried to keep the training entertaining, and NOT boring, but I also... made sure to pass on some of the hard lessons I have learned over the years in my consulting business. You should learn from the mistakes that I have made.