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FileMaker UI Design Video Course
How to build Apple inspired user interfaces.

This exclusive 2-3 hour video course focuses on creating Apple inspired user interfaces. Learn the rules of design that will give you the “Apple” look and really take your application to the next level! After redesigning FMSP, Richard Carlton knows all the ins and outs of creating a great looking application and wants to pass on his knowledge to his subscription customers. This course is exclusive to the Learning FileMaker Subscription.

Detailed list of courses

FileMaker UI Design Video Course

  • Course introduction
  • General Design Concepts - Sentence
  • General Design Concepts - Expression and Function
  • General Design Concepts - Grocery Store
  • General Design Concepts - All Together
  • Primary Navigation Design Patterns
  • Visual Hierarchy Design Patterns Part 1
  • Visual Hierarchy Design Patterns Part 2
  • Introduction to Column Construction Technique
  • Columns, Grid and Alignment Design Pattern
  • From Desktop to Touch
  • Themes and Style - Sharing - Review Video
  • Combining Views... Slide Control Technique
  • iPad Landscape and Portrait Mode
  • Calendar Date Style
  • Rounded Corners for Apple UI

With the basics of FileMaker in hand this course will allow you to take your FileMaker solution to the next level. Apple is famous for their design and this course will teach you the basics of Apple's UI design.

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This course is exclusive to The Learning FileMaker Membership Subscription. The subscription gives you access to all videos plus this exclusive content.


The FileMaker iOS App SDK Video Training Course taught you all the ins-and-outs of making an app for Apple's App Store. This course will transform your solution to be right at home on the Apple ecosystem.

Richard Carlton, CEO of RC Consulting, Inc.

Richard Carlton, a long time App developer, will teach you how to make your FileMaker app stand head and shoulders above the rest by adopting Apple's design practices, which have been the design standard for years.