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FileMaker® Deploy 2020
Video Training Course for Servers

Welcome to the most comprehensive FileMaker Video Course for the 19 release. This video course includes topics for beginner, intermediate, and advanced FileMaker users. You will learn to build relationships, write calculations, generate emails, design layouts, and improve the performance of your FileMaker custom app. The course is designed explicitly to NOT bore you to death, while teaching you valuable skills. (Enjoy our 9 hour video course!)

See complete list of topics covered during this training course

    Introductions - Overview

  • Deployment or Sharing Options - Overview
  • Basics of Sharing a Database Using FMS or Cloud 1
  • Basics of Sharing a Database using Cloud 2
  • Terminology
  • FileMaker Cloud for AWS

  • New Overview of Cloud 1 Specifically
  • Detailed Comparison with Regular FileMaker Server
  • Is FileMaker Cloud Right for you?
  • Brain Dump for Experienced FileMaker Developers
  • How to Buy FileMaker Cloud - Direct from AWS - New Users
  • How to Buy FileMaker Cloud - BYOL - Annual Licenses
  • Uploading files to FileMaker Cloud
  • Picking the right size of Amazon server
  • Understanding Amazon's Total Cost
  • How to Save 50% to 75% on Amazon Instance
  • FMI Hourly Costs with AWS - Switch to Annual
  • Restoring from a Backup (New Process)
  • Robot DB & Notifications
  • Automated Maintenance
  • EBS & Backups
  • Supersize my Server!
  • Detecting When a File is running on FileMaker Cloud
  • Instance Refresh & Emergency Procedures Part 1
  • Offboarding FileMkaer Cloud
  • Intro T2 Burstable Instances, Performance, CPU Credits
  • CPU Credit and Baselines for T2.Small, T2.Medium, and T2.Large
  • Standard Usage Scenario
  • Testing T2.Small with 5 users
  • 5 WebDirect users at once with T2.Small
  • Cloud Melt Summary

    FileMaker Cloud 2

  • FileMaker Cloud Overview & Positioning
  • FileMaker Cloud Video 2
  • Cloud 2 Terminology
  • Process for Migrating to Cloud 2
  • What is FileMaker ID?
  • Basic Setup Process (Cloud 2)
  • User Login to FMID Hosts
  • Applying FMID Security to fmp12 file
  • Get & Save Your Ear Password!
  • Database Backup Restoration, renaming & Downloading
  • FileMaker Server (On Premise Server)

  • Deployment & Sharing - Intro
  • Controlling FileMaker Server
  • FMS Install with William
  • Walkthrough of FMS Admin Console (Web Interface)
  • Finding the Server Logs
  • Scheduling Backups - The Basics
  • Hard Linking
  • Progressive Backups
  • FMS - Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • FMS - SSL Install
  • FMS - Admin API
  • PLL / Startup Restoration Overview
  • Turning On/OFF PLL / Startup Restoration
  • Restoring from a Crash with Startup Restoration
  • Restoring from a Crash w/o Startup Restoration
  • PCI FMS Admin Tool
  • Claus Lavendt Missing Admin Tool
  • FMS - Offsite Backups
  • Disconnecting Idle Users
  • SASE

Learn to customize FMSP, write scripts, and understand FileMaker… It's a lot of learning to do, but this video course will take you there! If you want to learn how to customize FM Starting point, this is the definitive video training course from the creators of FM Starting Point.

Course Goals

On top of the 9 hours of excellent FileMaker Deploy Training videos, purchasers will receive tons of extra bonus items, including extra sample files, work files, and demo files! Purchasers are also welcome to attend special live training events to be held in the future!

Most FileMaker training doesn't cover important topics like email integration or barcode connectivity. This 9 hour course is divided up in 7-12 minute videos on separate topics, including: Working with 360Works Email Plug In, Security Concerns with FileMaker Server, Learning how to keep someone from hacking a FileMaker File, using the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, and Setting up your FileMaker server the proper way.

Richard Carlton, CEO of RC Consulting, Inc.

One of the main goals of the training is to not only teach you about FileMaker Pro but also teach you the skills to keep yourself out of trouble. I tried to keep the training entertaining, and NOT boring, but I also made sure to pass on some of the hard lessons I have learned over the years in my consulting business. I hope you can learn from the mistakes that I have made.