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Video Training Course for FileMaker® Go 19

Learn the skills to build your own mobile apps with this 9 hour video training course featuring the world's most popular solution development platform. FileMaker is owned by Apple, Inc, and features a powerful database engine with a very intuitive user interface, perfect for building mobile applications. Hit the ground running with this 9 hour training course. The videos span topics from beginner to advanced, including conversations on developing and building your app for commercial distribution. You can access this training with a one-time purchase of only $39. This is a limited time offer so, Buy Now!

See complete list of topics covered during this training course


  • What is FileMaker Go?
  • Build with FMGo or Code your own App?
  • Brain Dump: Everything New in FileMaker Go 16
  • Brain Dump: Everything you need to know about FileMaker Go in 12 Minutes
  • Installation & Overview

  • Installation & Requirements
  • Free FileMaker Resources
  • Go and WebDirect and their place in the Universe
  • Installing and Uploading DBs - Dropbox
  • Installing and Uploading DBs - Email
  • Installing and Uploading DBs - AirDrop
  • Installing and Uploading DBs with iTunes Sync
  • Licensing FileMaker Go
  • Navigation

  • Navigating FileMaker Go
  • Window Management
  • Card Style Window in Go & WebDirect
  • Connecting to FileMaker Server
  • Record locking with shared solution
  • Display Data in Table / List Views
  • Finds, Sorting, Portals and Tabs
  • Gesture Slide Controls
  • Gesture Tap Controls
  • Force Touch in FileMaker Go
  • Layouts for FileMaker Go

  • Tuning Layouts for Deployment to FileMaker Go
  • Tuning Layouts - Touch Screen Considerations
  • Intro to Directed Workflow
  • Demos of Directed Workflow
  • Detecting Device & Platform Types
  • Detecting Networks
  • Locking Zoom on a Layout
  • Orientation Detection
  • Creating a New Layout for FileMaker Go
  • Optimizing the Layout and CSS Part 1
  • Optimizing the Layout and CSS Part 2
  • Optimizing the Layout and CSS Part 3
  • Controlling Animation States
  • Inputting Data

  • Introduction to Input Methods for FileMaker Go
  • Custom Keyboards Overview
  • Barcode Camera Integration & Insert from Device
  • Container Field - Camera
  • Container Field - Signatures
  • Supported Fonts and Styles in the iOS
  • iBeacons - RangeBeacons
  • iBeacons - Configure Region Monitor for iBeacons

    Managing Digital Media

  • Digital Media Support Summary
  • Container Fields - Streaming & Interaction in iOS
  • Remote Container Intro & Conversion for use in iOS
  • Web Viewer Idiosyncrasies
  • Benefits to streaming video through web viewers
  • AVPlayer Scripted Controls
  • AVPlayer Script Triggers
  • GoDraw
  • Scripting & Syncing

  • Unsupported Script Steps
  • GPS Location Functions
  • URL Protocol and Sandboxing
  • Activating SASE from Go - How to get plug-ins back into FileMaker Go
  • Script Error Capture & User Abort Controls
  • Printing & Exporting

  • Printing - Part 1
  • Printing - Part 2
  • Scripting Print Jobs - Frustration
  • Emailing PDFs - Simple and Complex
  • Exporting & Emailing
  • Security

  • Security Overview & Keychains
  • Sleep & Restore - Overview
  • Sleep & Restore - History
  • Sleep & Restore - Technical Part 2
  • Sleep & Restore - Technical Part 3
  • TouchID
  • Deployment

  • Deployment Strategies Part 1
  • Deployment Strategies, Beaming copies of solutions back to the Developer
  • Syncing - Third Party Tools
  • Syncing - Import Command/Set Field
  • Conclusion

  • Conclusion & Additional Resources
  • About the Author

Learn to customize FMSP, write scripts, and understand FileMaker… It's a lot of learning to do, but this video course will take you there! If you want to learn how to customize FM Starting point, this is the definitive video training course from the creators of FM Starting Point.

Free Bonus

In addition to the 9 hours of excellent FileMaker Go Training videos, purchasers will receive tons of extra bonus itmes, including extra sample files, work files, and demo files! Purchasers are also welcome to attend special live training events as they are announced!

Most FileMaker training doesn't cover important topics like email integration or barcode connectivity. This 9 hour course is divided into 7-12 minute videos on separate topics, including subjects often skipped over in other courses, including Working with 360Works Email Plug In, Security Concerns with FileMaker Server, How to Keep Someone from Hacking a FileMaker File, and The Proper Way to Set Up Your FileMaker Server.

Richard Carlton, CEO of RC Consulting, Inc.

One of the main goals of this training is not only to teach you about FileMaker Go but also to teach you the skills to keep yourself out of trouble. I made sure to pass on some of the hard lessons I have learned over the years in my consulting business. You can learn from the mistakes that I have made! - Richard Carlton, CEO