FileMaker iOS App SDK - Video Course
Submitting FileMaker solutions to the Apple iOS App Store

This 5 hour video course focuses on the mechanics of building a iPhone or iPad app... from an existing FileMaker 15 file. Learn all about behavioral differences between FileMaker Go, and FileMaker Inc's new iOS App SDK... aka FIAS. Submitting to Apple's App Store can be a complex process if you are new to Xcode. Our video course walks you step-by-step through this process as well as sharing some tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. The course also includes exclusive interviews with Todd Geist. He shares his deep technical knowledge on the various options for updating FileMaker files... which are embedded in the FIAS app. Note: Xcode is free, but is Mac only. You need a Mac to submit an App to Apple.

For the time being, this course will not be updated. However, it is still available and useful for those that are interested.

Detailed list of courses

FileMaker iOS App SDK

    Introductions - Overview

  • Course introduction
  • Terminology...What is FIAS?
  • FIAS Behaviors
  • How Much is FIAS?
  • Who needs FIAS?
  • Preppig and Planning

  • What is your Strategery? Part 1
  • What is your Strategery? Part 2
  • FileMaker's Developer Program
  • Apple iOS Registered Developer
  • Xcode & TestFlight

  • Install Xcode... basics
  • Itunes Connect Versus Member Center
  • Certificates - Development & Distribution
  • Provisioning Profile..FYI
  • Registering iOS devices for testing
  • Apple's "App Service"
  • Testing with TestFlight... Overview

    Cutting our App (Compile in XCode)

  • Quick Overview of App Build Process
  • Building Your First App.... Step by Step - Part 1
  • Building Your First App.... Step by Step - Part 2
  • Compiling Strategies... thing you need to know...
  • App Id & Available Apple Services
  • Creating Images
  • Apple's App Submission process

  • Delivering Your App to Apple
  • Registering an App with Apple - iTunes Connect
  • Apple's App Submission Guidelines
  • If your are Rejected... what next?

Creating an app from scratch can be daunting but this course will show you how to take what you have already built within FileMaker and release it on Apple's iOS App Store with the FileMaker iOS App SDK.

Turn your FileMaker file into a native iOS App and have Apple post it to their iOS App Store. You can specify your own pricing and Apple will send you a direct deposit for the money you earn, each month.

Learn how to navigate Terminal, Xcode, iTunes Connect, and TestFlight. Each of these contain critical steps in the FIAS creation process. To participate in the FIAS process, a user must be a current member of FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS) Program and also be a member of Apple's Developer Program.

Richard Carlton, a long time App developer, will teach you about the "App Submission Process" and all the little gotchas that you are likely to encounter. The course also discusses how to setup beta testing of your App... using TestFlight, which is a awesome tool from Apple.