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Is FileMaker a No-Code / Low-Code Platform?

No-code / Low-Code

Wiki defines low/no code as a software environment that tallows creation of application software (business software) through a graphical interface, instead of traditional hand coded computer programming. Low Code environments reduce the amount of traditional handcoding enabling accelerated delivery of busines applications.

This is pretty much the modern definition of the FileMaker Platform. LOL. This Low Code term is the “hot phrase” that some analyst decided to invent in 2014, even though FileMaker has been empowering it’s customers with rapid application delivery for over 30 years.

A number of small competitors have tried to take over the title of Low Code King…from Claris. Most die out in several years…or are bought up by a company like google, then disappear.

The truly interesting thing about FileMaker is that depending upon your needs…it is low-code or “pro-code!”. If you are building a custom app for your organization, you can probably get 90-100% of it done without much code…or no coding. But if you need to dynamically connect to Paypal, Stripe, and Quickbooks, some level of coding will be needed to make it work “the way my business needs it to work.” So while FileMaker is Low Code, your can dig in deep and do some more senior “professional coding” as required. The FileMaker platform doesn’t limit you.
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