Chris - Australia

If you are a developer and want to get into the game, and have your own consulting business, I couldn't recommend any higher his course on Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Jonathan - USA

I really enjoyed the training video from RC Consulting. Very quickly, I was able to find the videos I was looking for, and found videos with things i would not have known. I am certainly going to continue to use it and would recommend it to anyone else looking for something to learn and increase their FileMaker knowledge.

Susie - USA

I learned FileMaker one script step at a time. So you can tell how excited I am to find the FileMaker Training series that RCC has developed. It’s fabulous! I use it now for all of my new programmer employees. What I particularly love is that each section is short, because I want to hear it and then try it, and it’s very much designed for that.

Matt - USA

I have been watching Richard Carlton's Video Training videos. Through a Google search, I found FileMaker Starting Point. It has helped me grasp what I am trying to develop. I highly recommend the videos. Get the free solution, learn, and become a better developer.

David - UK

I was using FileMaker for databases and they worked, but I wasn’t getting into the program itself until I found FileMaker Starting Point from Richard Carlton Consulting.

John - USA

I love the FileMaker Platform. I find it to be completely intuitive. I love the mobile aspect of the platform. I love that such robust security can be built into the applications. I am a better FileMaker developer because of the RCC videos.

Henry - USA

I started using FileMaker with version Pro 11. After playing with FileMaker I learned that it is a great product, I was able to customize it anyway I needed. I wanted to get certified in the program so I found FileMaker Starting Point to learn more about what I can do with FileMaker. I also bought their video package to watch their training.

Salman - Bahrain

I have been using FileMaker Pro for a long time since version 2. It is a very logical software. I have continued to use the software all through its current version. Then, I came across the RC consulting firm. Their training package and FMSP have been a lot of help and has made a big difference in my experience.